Salveo 2020 Wellness Event!

Good morning, Drizzlers! Today I’m writing to you about a really amazing event I am so proud to be part of. For the past few years I have been part of many Salveo Wellness Cooking Classes, Wellness Retreats and Educational Sessions. Salveo is the brainchild of Founder Elizabeth Cole, who also happens to be a client and dear friend of mine.

The focus of Salveo is wellness from 6 Pillars of Health: Hydration, Nourish, Movement, Sleep, Breath and Love. You all know how much I believe in a holistic way of living and this couldn’t be more spot on.

With the beginning of 2020 and a fresh start to the decade, Elizabeth wanted to jump right in and share some really incredible information to help you feel empowered for your own wellness journey!

This is the kickoff to a year long of event series, SALVEO 20/20: Celebrating Self-care As The New Healthcare, on Saturday, January 25th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at Venue SIX10 (610 S. Michigan Ave). The first event will focus on the “Nourish” pillar. Dr. Drew Ramsey will be the featured keynote speaker. Dr. Ramsey is a really incredible human. His knowledge and information has helped so many people understand and utilize the power of food. Dr. Ramsey is known as one of psychiatry’s leading proponents of using nutritional interventions and founded the Brain Food Clinic in New York City. He has contributed to everything from Ted Talks to the Wall Street Journal to food documentaries. I am so excited to hear him speak!

In addition to Drew Ramsey’s talk about the connection between food and your mental health, the morning will feature: 

  • An interactive All-Star Cubs Panel led by Chairman Tom Ricketts, Legendary Pitcher Kerry Wood, and Nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner addressing the critical role good nutrition plays in performance
  • Delicious, nutritious food and drinks made in Chicago
  • Guided meditation and some gentle movement (no yoga pants required!)
  • Some of the coolest wellness products designed by Chicago’s most innovative entrepreneurs 
  • Live music and great energy from some of my favorite DJs
  • A curated market bag with some of SALVEO Lifestyle’s favorite products
  • A specially designed map of Salveo-approved spots to eat in Chicago
  • On-site partners include: Simplified Superfoods, Asutra, Chill, Open Water, Farmer’s Fridge, Lifeway Kefir, Ultima Pietra, IVMe, Equilibria, Realgood Stuff, Limitless, Drizzle Kitchen, and CLEAR  

I will be on stage to talk about some of my favorite and simplest ways to incorporate health into your daily routine. I also am so excited to share with you some really helpful resources being gifted in the market bag (things like pantry basics and the best fruits and veggies to purchase!).

And because I love all my Drizzlers SO MUCH, I’ve scored a discount for you! To grab your ticket at 25% off and spend the morning with some really incredible and inspiration wellness experts head over and grab your ticket before they sell out!

Get your tickets HERE.

Can’t wait to see you all there! 

~Happy Food is the Best Food~

xo, Kendra