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Drizzle Kitchen

About Drizzle Kitchen

There is an ancient proverb that reads, “The Belly Fuels the Mind.” We fully believe that at Drizzle. Filling your body with clean and nutrient dense foods not only helps us feel better, but it helps us rest better, work better and operate with our minds and bodies full of life and energy. And while it is a common phrase that we’ve all used, if you think about it you really are what you eat! Eating certain ways provides your body with more or less energy. Helps you sleep better or prevents it. Motivates you to be active or sedentary.

We love finding little ways to help better our clients lives through macro and micronutrients as well as through the benefits of certain foods, supplemental powders, herbs and spices that aren’t just limited to the information on a food label.

Chef Kendra’s background is in nutrition and food science. This has helped shape the business and its response to clients who need to remove some of their everyday foods due to a new diagnosis. Our thinking is for every thing you have to remove we will show you something to replace it with. A healthy and happy food life is about balance and enjoyment as much as it is nutrition and safety of the food. We label our recipes as allergy adaptable so they can be adaptable to whatever you need. It’s a more user friendly way of cooking that allows us to shift recipes. You will find all the recipes on the blog are allergy adaptable so you can adjust them as you need with our ingredient substitutions to be free of any of the most common top-8 food allergens. Imagine that, recipes customized to you! That’s our way of helping you have joy while eating or cooking. So we can all experience the beauty of food.

Our food relationship with our clients is meant to help them be their healthiest and best version of themselves through foods that are of the highest quality, beautiful, delicious and safe to eat. Our goal is to help mealtime be seamless, with selections custom crafted for each client to ensure the experience is like having a chef in your home every night.

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