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Working with like minded brands is one of my favorite ways to help people who suffer from various food allergies, intolerances or health issues discover foods in a happy way. Foods that are easy to use with safe and nutritious ingredients to bring into their home. If you are a mission driven brand looking for an expert to help bring your product or ingredients to life then I would love to work with YOU!


Engaging a seasoned chef who understands the challenges of navigating through the allergy world in addition to the daily challenge of meal planning will help your consumers understand the importance you place on them. I like to introduce recipes and techniques that allow people to feel comfortable in the kitchen and learn new and exciting ways of using unique products.

It allows my chefs, clients and audience to see what companies I really believe in and trust. I find that forming personal connections with brand believers through instagram takeovers and recipe development to be magical experiences that are long lasting for your consumers.


And at the end of the day it allows me to share my passion for creating safe, fun and nutritious recipes for all types of people to enjoy, no matter what dietary restrictions or health conditions they may have. Having a qualified chef and food allergy expert share recipes and professional photography is a unique selling point that will give you the competitive edge need to gain the trust of consumers.

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