Chocolate Coconut Meltaways

These little bites of goodness have been getting me through the past few weeks. Still navigating through my GI issues doesn’t mean I don’t want a little bite of something sweet every so often!

Enter coconut manna. Coconut by nature is just seemingly sweet tasting, even though it’s extremely low in sugar content. Coconut Manna has, per tablespoon, just 1 gram of sugar. It’s also just so decadent and flavorful you can almost just have it on it’s own as a little dessert!

But I, of course, wanted to add some chocolate to this situation. However, I’ve been avoiding cane and beet sugars and have on occasion used the Lakanto chocolate chips for a little dessert action that is without sugar that potentially is affecting my belly. This recipe truly couldn’t be easier, melt the coconut manna, pour a bit into a silicone mold, add a few chocolate chips, top with more manna and freeze. DONE!

Little poppable bites of tastiness! And if you want to get even more decadent, add a smidge of your favorite nut or seed butter in there (I added some sunflower seed butter to a few of my candies!) and WHOAAAAAAAAAA. Tasty, tasty treat.


****A small note on coconut:

Is Coconut a Treenut? Is it part of the Top-9 Food Allergens?

 While it is technically NOT a tree nut, the FDA does classify coconut as a tree nut (even though it’s actually a fruit!) that falls within the Top-9 Food Allergens. According to the National Institute of Health an allergy to coconut is rare. However, they do exist and they can be serious. So if you have a tree nut allergy and want to try coconut please consult your allergist first. For more on the study mentioned please click here. 


Stay safe out there, Drizzlers!

xo, Kendra


Chocolate Coconut Meltaways

Free From the Top-9 Food Allergens EXCEPT COCONUT!

Makes 6-8 candies depending on your mold

Prep Time: 5 minutes plus chilling

Special equipment: small silicone candy mold

  • 1/3 c. coconut manna or coconut “butter” (NOT coconut oil!)
  • 1/4 c. chocolate chips of choice


  1. Gently melt the coconut manna in the microwave until soft and smooth.
  2. Spoon a small amount into your silicone mold, top with a few chocolate chips, and spoon a bit more on top filling your molds about halfway.
  3. Place in the freezer to set, about 15 minutes, and enjoy! (if you want to make them look a little fancier like I did in my photos, once they come out of the freezer drizzle a little chocolate over the top and let them set a few more minutes.)
  4. Store in the refrigerator and place at room temperature for a few minutes before enjoying.

Happy Foods are the Best Foods!