The end of the world, the calm before the storm……

**Please note this post was written prior my gluten sensitivity discovery. The recipes listed below, while delicious, are not gluten free.

Today Chicago was more panicked than I’ve seen it in awhile. The grocery stores were full, parking lots stacked with cars like when you used to line up matchbox cars as a kid. And though Chicago has the highest price of gas in the country, cars were lined up like the pumps were dispensing gold. This all begs one question-has no one in Chicago lived here during a winter? Yes, I know we are supposed to get more snow than we have sine-gulp-1967 (which my father recounted to me today. He said that as the blizzard was gaining momentum he had to pick up my mother from the el stop and it took him an hour to go around the block. awesome, can’t wait.) But this all still seems like we’re panicking as if the world were ending! Thankfully, it is not. Just some snow. Some beautiful, lovely, fluffy snow.

So let’s plan our snow day!! I’ve begun planning thusly-I’ve moved my clients up a day (since I know I won’t be able to get out of my garage on Wednesday!), I’ve thought about what food I have in my house (really, enough to last me a full two weeks) and-most importantly-I’ve planned what recipes to test. Oh, yes, darlings. a day full of delicious dishes, fabulous baked treats, mugs of hot tea laden with honey and lemon, a crackling fireplace and maybe a movie or two! Not bad, right? Here’s a sampling of a few of the recipes I’m contemplating….and just remember, i’ll look at recipes and then figure out how to change the ingredients around to be gluten free or include chia seeds or remove the dairy. So, check out these links and see if you’re inspired to play in the kitchen during our snow day!

Vegan Roasted Red Pepper and Charred Tomato Soup (drizzle kitchen recipe), French Chocolate MacaronsFiggy Buckwheat SconesFrench Apple Tart, Truffle dusted popcorn (drizzle kitchen recipe)…..those are just some that have been on my list lately.

What recipes will you be playing with in the kitchen during this snowstorm??!!