The Drizzle Kitchen Cookbook is Here!

It’s finally the day!! I am so excited to share with you all my labor of love for the past 8 months:

Drizzle Kitchen Favorites

happy foods for every body and every allergy

For years I have wanted to put my recipes and words into a cookbook and for this reason or that reason it just didn’t happen. This year, after working with an amazing intuitive business coach, I decided it was the time for it to happen. The inspiration for the book was as follows:

(1) I wanted to put some of my clients favorite recipes into a book.

(2) I wanted to make sure the book was adaptable for allergies. Too many times I’ve heard people talk about their allergies and how they get grouped into a label that the don’t necessarily fall into, i.e. being gluten and dairy free but needing to purchase Paleo because it was just “easier” or being allergic to 5 of the top 8 but it being “easier” to just purchase books free of the top 8 entirely. Why should you have to do that?!

(3) I wanted to talk about food as joyful, about recipes that look beautiful, taste incredible and aren’t horrible to put together. Let’s all get cooking again and share meals!

(4) I wanted to start the conversation about food being something that can be shifted to help with health. As a private chef with a degree in nutrition, I use my background and constant research into holistic nutrition to help my clients combat health issues. To help clients going through chemotherapy, to help clients post surgery cleanse their body of the anesthesia with food, to help my clients kids get the right nutrition to make sure they are performing their best in school and sports.

And this is just the beginning! I have so many ideas for future e-books and more. Please tell me your ideas and let me know if there is anything you would like me to write about or create!

Now, here is the part where I have to give credit to all the AMAZING people who inspired and helped me with this book. Honestly, there are so many…..

My mother. Without her I wouldn’t be where I am today. Even though I lost her when I was very young I continue to hold her love and passion for the kitchen and food dear to my soul. My first and constant inspiration. I wish she could see me today!

My family. They ate some super-duper-weird-shit. When I was in my inspiration and beginning phases of cooking around 10 or 11 years old they were troopers, my dad and step mom in particular. Lentil Loaf will live on in infamy. And someday, Jon Rachiele, I will bring back a version that you will want to eat this time!

My boyfriend. For always pushing me to be more than just what my every day allows. For being a little bit of a bully and pushing me to figure out what I really want (which isn’t what he necessarily thought!). Without that I don’t know that I would’ve stood up to myself to truly figure out what was important to me. For always telling me how in awe he was of my passion and love for food, even after a 14 hour day of cooking that I’m still excited to come home and cook a meal for us. For loving every part of my crazy self!

My clients. Thank you for always treating me like a friend, thank you for letting me try recipes out on you and your families. Thank you for your support, your hugs and your confidence in my nutrition knowledge and the food I nourish you with. I love you all and feel like I am the luckiest person in the world to call ALL of you my friends and clients!

My assistant. Carly is quite simply my second brain. The past few weeks I’ve been a scattered mess on plenty of days and she helps this ship keep sailing. She is such a joy to be in the kitchen with, is always willing to do anything I need of her, and is adorable to boot. Our busy days are so much more fun with her around and her help allows me to be a better chef. I am so grateful for you, Carly!

Gina Marotta: Intuitive Business Coach, Advisor and Inspiration Extraordinaire. Gina and I worked together this past winter and she pushed me past my blocks, towards my intuitive guiding force in business and onto the right path for me. She has helped immensely with the book, through inspiration as well as direct connections. She continues to help me through her words, texts, instagram posts (and so much more!) even though our work was finished last spring. Eternal thanks, Gina, for helping me find my inner voice and learning to trust what is right for me. xo.

Marcin Cymmer:My incredible food photographer. While I do the photography for some brands and for my website I knew I needed to bring in someone to help with this. I just had too many other moving parts to tackle that as well. And I’m sure you will see inside the pages of the book how gorgeous his photography is. It turned out just beautifully and he’s a wonderful human as well! (he brought be a dozen gorgeous tomatoes from his garden when he came to shoot the photos!)

Greg Byers: A dear friend and my cover and back cover photographer. We have so much fun when we are shooting, as you can tell by my huge smiles in those photos! An avid cook himself he was so excited to work with the book cover and to also eat the food I was making. He’s kind, goofy and a pleasure to have on the other side of the camera telling you what to do with your face, how to shift your body and what he sees through that lens.

Sydney Wippman:My book designer. Holy moly, without Sydney LITERALLY none of this would be here! I gave her my recipes and photos like a mother giving away her newborn. And when she presented me with the rough draft of the book I was blown away. Her eye for design, her choice of photos, her layout was all so much more than I dreamed of. She’s so lovely to work with and such a kind soul.

Robin Bennett:My web designer and support extraordinaire. I have sent her probably about 1,642 email in the last month alone and she knocks it all out of the park. We Skype anytime I have a question, she hops online and manages anything I have questions on (since I’m totally illiterate when it comes to HTML anything) and has helped this all come to fruition from building web pages to linking to paypal to minimizing photos and pdfs. She’s my computer support everything!!!

And lastly, all of my friends from all over the world who have been supportive and encouraging and excited about this digital book launch. I am grateful to everyone, I am lucky to have this life I do, I am so thrilled to be helping people eat safely and more nutritiously all while having fun!

happy, healthy eating! ~xo, kendra