Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Super Bowl Sunday (SBS) is just one week away, which means I need to plan out the menu before the craziness of my coming week gets the best of me!  Some important things I need to remember while planning this menu-
1. I am a Saints fan.
2. There will be lots of hungry dudes at the party.
3. I do not want to spend an entire day with something like a bowl of cheetos or fried wings in my face (b/c inevitably I would eat them…all……simply just because they are in front of me).
4. I do not want to spend a fortune.
These things brought to mind an awesomely themed SBS menu. And here is it is-
  • 2-bean and vegetable salsa with multigrain tortilla chips
  • Caramelized onion dip with whole grain pita wedges and snap peas
  • Andouille sausage and chicken jambalaya
  • Shrimp etouffee with steamed brown rice
  • Fruit kabobs
  • Mini black bean brownie bites (don’t get freaked out, they’re awesomely delish!)
  • Dark chocolate covered whole wheat pretzel sticks
The menu conception was a collaborative effort of my boyfriend’s and mine.  Once New Orleans won their spot in the super bowl we knew we wanted to make some classic Creole dishes, and jambalaya and etouffee immediately came to mind.  From there I thought about how I could balance out the menu with some more vegetables while still having some fun party foods that also wouldn’t come with a high price tag.  And, of course, dessert is an integral part of the menu. And when I say integral I mean- the most important….
 So from today until the SBS I will be posting the recipes for the aforementioned menu.  And even if you don’t make those recipes, hopefully I’ve inspired you to create a tasty, healthy and affordable SBS menu.  Go Saints!