Republican Party, Democratic Party, Cocktail Party!!

In light of tomorrow’s election, I thought a few of you may enjoy (and replicate!) my election night cocktail party menu! If you are planning on watching the coverage then why not invite a few (may I suggest like-minded) friends over and enjoy a whimsy filled menu to carry you through the evening until we find out who will be leading the United States for the next 4 years.

So, politics aside, I hope you enjoy the humor sprinkled into the titles of this menu. I have picked a few of my favorite recipes, some are Drizzle created and some are a handful of my favorites from around the web/cookbooks/etc.

So forget the Republican Party and Democratic Party, be part of the movement of the COCKTAIL PARTY!

~Campaign Trail Mix
~Border Control Guacamole
~Foreign Policy Babaganoush
~The 1% Popcorn
~As American As Apple Pie
Campaign Trail Mix: As simple as mixing together milk chocolate covered almonds and dark chocolate cherries. Now be precise here, 47% should be of the less expensive milk chocolate almonds and 53% should be of the “fancier” dark chocolate covered cherries 🙂
Border Control Guacamole: see my recipe here
Foreign Policy Babaganoush: My favorite recipe from David Lebovitz, find it here.
The 1%s (truffle) Popcorn: See my recipe below.
As American as Apple Pie: Well, an apple crisp tends to work better gluten free and we can throw in some healthy stuff too! Try the Gluten Free Goddess’s recipe here.
So, make sure you do your civil duty and vote tomorrow. But after that, throw some fun recipes together and have yourself a little Election Cocktail Party!!
happy, healthy eating! ~kendra