Radishes with Butter and Sea Salt

Today’s post is a quick little diddy. I have an overscheduled morning (what else is new?!) but realized it’s been way too long since I have given you a delicious morsel to read!

With the holiday season approaching, I find more and more of my clients (and friends +family!) as me for appetizer ideas. So through the course of the next few weeks I will try and pop out as many helpful tips and ideas as I can for you lovelies to spike your holiday season with some new, delectable treats.
Last week at the farmers market we picked up some beautiful radishes with the intention of doing exactly this…..sliced in half, topped with a pat of creamy European butter and sprinkled with briny sea salt (we used an herbed salt in this particular photo). You get a beautiful one bite of spicy, creamy and salty. Easy, affordable and pretty. Pop them on a white plate and the red from the radishes will shine through. Use any radish you can get your mitts on, classic red or a beautiful pink breakfast radish or even a white radish. All delicious and simple. Watch your guests gobble them up!
Radishes with Butter and Sea Salt
Gluten Free
  • 1 bunch radishes-washed, trimmed and cut in half
  • 2-3 T. unsalted good quality butter (Plugra is one of my favorites)
  • few pinches of good quality sea salt or herbed salt (such as Herbamere)

Lay the radishes on a white plate cut side up. Top with a small pat of butter and sprinkle with the salt.