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healthy  fatsChef Kendra visits WGN’s Midday Fix to share her recipe for Mini Sunflower Butter Chocolate Cups and Other Allergy Friendly Halloween Ideas



healthy  fats

How to Avoid Allergies and Maximize Taste



vegan recipsMaking Healthy Sauces



Life Changing Wellness Radio Show, May 24, 2019. Interview Starts at 12:07



“Allergy Friendly Treats” morning segment with Felicia Lawrence



PSA: These 8 Foods Account for 90% of Allergies



healthy  fatsLunch Break segment with Dina Bair



healthy  fats

healthy  fatsHosts: Pete McMurray and Jane Monzures



Meatless Monday



healthy  fatsKeeping Your Digestive System Healthy



healthy  fatsAll About Healthy Fats



enjoy lifeChef Kendra describes how to navigate through a new diagnosis of celiac disease



enjoy lifeChef Kendra Demonstrates “Brain Food”



enjoy lifeChef Kendra Peterson Demonstrates Gluten Free Wild Mushroom Pizza



enjoy lifeChef Kendra Peterson Demonstrates Gluten Free Chocolate Covered Brownie Bites




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Kendra Peterson on Running a Gluten-Free Business



Gluten-Free, Clean Eating with Guest Blogger Kendra Peterson



Best of Chicago: Fitness & Beauty



The owner of a boutique private chef service unpacks her ultimate grocery bag



Issue #024: Why “No” Is The Word of 2018



Healthy Portion Sizes with Guest Blogger Kendra Peterson


Kendra Peterson featured


Kendra: Queen of Cooking & Founder of Drizzle Kitchen