Look out Arnold, here I come!

As of yesterday I am on a 30 day challenge with my body.  I have a friend, Angelo, who is a very successful personal trainer and I went to visit him for a professional consult on Saturday.  He and I have been chatting about our businesses and how great it would be for us to intertwine our ideas of health, science, food and exercise.  Clearly Angelo is not your everyday trainer.  He has many credentials and also is licensed to practice Muscle Activation Therapy, which is an unbelievably underutilized form of exercise and therapy.  In addition, he offers a service called Biosignature.  This is what I am most excited about!! Biosignature is a system based on scientific evidence surrounding the storage of fat in your body. The idea behind this program is that your body decides where to store fat based on your hormonal profile.  Most people have imbalanced hormones and corresponding body fat, so this program is designed to help correct those imbalances and manage fat storage through the use of exercise, diet corrections, supplements and lifestyle modifications.

So, here we go, the bionic woman. Ha! Just kidding.  My goal with all this is to make my body as healthy as possible within (A.) affordability and (B.) Reason.  I mean, my goal is not to have to purchase expensive specific foods and supplements and never be able to eat a cookie.  So, what I am going to do is document every day (I’ll try, really!) what I am eating, the supplements I am taking and what workout I did.  Also, how I am feeling.

Today is really day #2, sorry, but that’s the deal folks! ( I had my last holiday party last night, pretending I didn’t eat all the stuff I did…oops!)

Oh! I almost forgot, the first week I am supposed to get my carbohydrates strictly from vegetables.  I am supposed to focus on proteins, dairy and vegetables.  Avoid fruit because of the sugar.  I will be gently modifying those parameters to include some fruit and the occasional bowl of Kashi or sprouted grain English muffin.  Don’t yell at me Angelo!


  • ¾ cup Kashi + 1 cup vanilla almond milk + 1/3 cup blueberries + 1 cup coffee (with coffeemate creamer, it’s a weakness…)
  • 2 slices pear + mini turkey burger (sans the bun) + mate and lime tea
  • Salad (2 cups baby mixed greens, ¼ cup pea pods, ½ cup cherry tomatoes, 1 T. soy nuts, ¼ cup chopped avocado and poppyseed dressing) + 1 cup rooibos/pomegranate tea
  • 2 Trader Joe’s Candy Cane “oreos”, THEY’RE SO GOOD! Couldn’t resist
  • 1 turkey burger (sans bun) with charred tomato relish and avocado slices + baked sweet potato fries (equivalent of 1 medium sweet potato) + steamed broccoli with lemon and lime zest
  • HCl (hydrochloric acid) supplement halfway through my dinner



No workout today.  Day off!!

Not too shabby for my first full day of the new diet shift.  I am indeed having a hard time not eating fruit.  I understand the reason is to eliminate sugar from your diet and then gradually re-introduce it in the natural form (fructose from fruit rather than sucrose from sugar) but there are so many valuable vitamins and minerals in fruit!  Although, the supplements will help with that.

**Also, let me mention that the supplements Angelo has are not from GNC. They are of the HIGHEST quality and are medical grade.  You can’t just get these at your local Walreens.  They are extremely pure.