Gluten Free Traveling

Traveling with an allergy or intolerance can definitely pose some problems. Is the food on the plane safe to eat? What can I eat while I’m there? My advice is always, as with any other time you eat out, plan ahead. This will save you time and headaches. More to come on how to make sure you are eating out safely while abroad, but this post is all about what foods I like to travel with.
The trip I am currently on is the first big vacation I have taken with my gluten intolerance.  That being said, as I am also a chef, it wasn’t the most difficult task to organize some good snacks for both the plane and the actual trip (because who really enjoys plane food anyway??).
Here are a few of the things I tucked away in my carry-on and packed away to nosh on once we arrived-
le Pain de Fleurs crackers (seriously, my new favorite cracker. Only available at the moment online but they are delicious-low calorie-and only have 3 ingredients. hooray!)
Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds (delicious and they use natural color sources such as beet and turmeric powder to color the chocolate coating as opposed to artificial dyes!)
Enjoy Life Very Berry Crunch Granola and Sunbutter Crunch Bars (it’s great to throw a few of those sunbutter crunch bars in your carry on bag and your purse to have just in case)
Chocolate chunk cookies from my favorite Chicago GF bakery, defloured bakery
And finally, I always travel with some fresh fruit and a bar of dark chocolate to eat on long flights. This time it was a salad of mango and strawberries and a bar of 70% cacao.  It’s always nice to have some fresh, organic fruit and a nice piece of chocolate to nibble on while you are mid-air!
Happily and hungrily typing from Europe…..kendra