Gluten Free Baking Flour Blend

I have had a few requests from readers about my all purpose baking flour blend. Well, I suppose “all purpose” is a somewhat misleading term since I do change up some of the flours in the mix on occasion. For example, I love to add in some buckwheat flour if I want a more caramel flavor or I like to add coconut flour to some of my muffins for added fiber. But, generally speaking, this is the flour that I like to use for most of my baking. Yum!

The best thing to do, really, is to make a big batch of this and then pop it in a giant jar that seals tightly. This way you can just scoop in there and get out whatever you need rather than make a new batch of the flour every time you need it. Go bake! Have fun and be sure to share the love of freshly baked goods with willing tummies around you!

General Purpose Baking Flour
Gluten Free
Great for cookies, brownies and quickbreads
Makes 4 cups
·      1 ¼ c. sorghum flour
·      ½ c. brown rice flour
·      ¾ c. millet flour
·      ¾ c. amaranth flour
·      ¾ c. tapioca starch

Mix flours together and store in a dry container. I like to double this recipe so I always have a good amount of gluten free flour on hand! *be sure to add your xanthan or guar gum to this when measuring for your recipe!

happy, healthy eating! ~kendra