Get your Dose (Market that is…)

If you are -ahem- lucky enough to live in Chicago then you are also lucky enough to have Dose Market  in your backyard once per month. You haven’t heard of Dose Market you say? Waahaaaaaat? Let me enlighten you with the fabulousness that it is.

The brainchild of these four lovely maidens, dubbed the Dosettes-April Francis, founder of Haute Closet and AF. Heather Sperling, Chicago editor of Tasting Table. Emily Fiffer, Daily Candy Chicago editor. Jessica Herman, associate style and shopping editor at Time Out Chicago. It would suffice to say these ladies have their pulse on the new, the local and the dish in this city of ours.

These women had a plan, they had a wonderful idea that bloomed into Dose Market. A market full of different local artisans that, once per month, encompass the entirety of River East Arts Center, just off Navy Pier. The vendors change almost every month so you always get a fresh taste of the newest in Chicago. You might peruse the likings of coffee, doughnuts, gluten free cookies,  handmade sustainable purses, vintage cameras, handmade notecards, beautiful scarfs, vintage clothing, custom made bikes, seasonal popsicles, beautiful herbal teas and so, so many more.

Below, a few pictures of last month’s Dose. And hopefully you read this post before Sunday (June 24th), as Dose is celebrating it’s 1 year birthday- not to be missed…..

 This is not in response to 50 Shades of Grey. Although…..

 Local tart cherry grenadine anyone? Prosecco topper perhaps?

 You caught me noshing on one of Salted Caramel’s unbelievable push-pops! And trust me, this one is a far cry from the neon orange sherbet Flinstone’s pops we grew up with!

Do you like food? Duh. Do you like good food? Then RUN to Pecking Order. Chef Kristine Subido (formerly exec chef of the W Hotel Lakeshore) served up some sticky-sweet Phillipino chicken just before opening her restaurant. Trust me-you want some of this!

What’s that? You want me to hop on this custom bicycle? Ok! (do you want your very own custom bicycle made by some rad dudes? Then head straight to Heritage Bicycles and you too will be wearing a goofy grin!)

Hope to see you Sunday morning, and trust me-the smiling is contagious!

signing off, happily healthy~ kendra