Drizzle Kitchen Holiday Gift Guide

Well, sooner than we even knew the holiday season is heartily upon us! Every year I love gathering presents for the people I love and cherish in my life and I try to make them as personal as possible. This means all year long I am taking notes, I’m trying new products, I’m gathering little goodies and compiling a list of fun/delicious/exciting/joyful things. And this year for the first time I’d love to share that list with you!

Happy Holiday, Drizzlers!

xo, Kendra


K Kane Custom Rings with Personalized Handwriting

Anything from KKane Jewelry! I am hoping Santa brings me a chain letter necklace, but in the meantime I adore my custom rose gold ring with my mother’s handwriting etched onto it. For those of you new to Drizzle, my mother passed away when I was 8 and when I saw that I could get her handwriting etched onto a piece of jewelry I was ecstatic. It’s exactly the same and guess who helps with the perfection of the font? Katherine Kane’s mother herself. Talk about full circle.


Knockout NYC Rings

These awesome rings that not only look great but serve a purpose from Knockout! I recently was invited to an event hosted by A Sweat Life and in addition to a really informative self defense demo, the VIPs were all given a cool plastic version of this self defense ring and I chose to order a metal copy. I love it’s message of cool design with an edge…..get it? get it?



Umami Powder

This organic, adaptogenic mushroom powder from Dark Horse is my new favorite food item of 2019. I am obsessed. I put it on anything from fish to chicken to steak to vegetables to rice and, of course, it’s delicious on sauteed wild mushrooms. This is the perfect thing for someone who’s into spices and loves to cook!



Smoked Arbequina Olive Oil

You might think, $20 for an olive oil? But this smoked arbequina olive oil is so delicious and so simply clean. Pour some in a bowl and sprinkle some sea salt on top for a bread dip, drizzle over a seared piece of steak, finish some simple sautéed vegetables with it, chop up fresh salmon and drizzle this in with some salt+lemon zest+ chive for a “smoked salmon tartar”; a delicious appetizer served with rice crackers!

Award Winning Castillo de Canena Smoked Arbequina EVOO, 8.45 fl oz

Right Bee Apple Cider Vinegar

This delicious apple cider vinegar is the product of a company called Salvage Food Products, a Chicago brewery waste management where the co-owners take and convert brewery waste into delicious products (like this vinegar!) all the while turning a profit and helping the environment!


Compost Bin

bla blah blah…This cute food composter from Bamboozle is the perfect way to help green up your kitchen in 2020! Most cities have composting at their farmers market you can drop off or check to see if there is a company that will even come pick up your compost for the easiest option. You’ll be amazed at how dramatically your garbage amount is reduced, not to mention the benefit to the planet.


Equilibria CBD

Equilibria CBD has been a staple on my bedside since I was introduced to the brand. Falling asleep was never my challenge but staying asleep was a whole different scenario. This female owned brand has their own organic farm to make sure your CBD never has pesticides or any nasty toxins hiding in it (FYI-many of them do!). They have some really cool holiday gift sets and in addition to the drops you can also get gel tablets (great for traveling!) and a cream to help with any achy muscles or annoying headaches. And if you are interested, you can use this code: drizzlekitchen for 15% off your first order!

Selenite Lamp

Selenite is one of my favorite crystals. And even if you aren’t into the philosophy of vibrations and crystals (and their amazing healing powers!) this lamp is beautiful enough to stand up on its own. Selenite is an energy cleansing crystal that I love to have in my home and on me at almost all times. So, simplify your life with a selenite lamp that looks gorgeous and helps your energy all at once.

Selenite Lamp - Energy Muse

Make your own organic face mask at Scratch Goods

I have been to this fabulous mask bar multiple times, both for hosted events and to make masks for myself! Located on the second floor above the hustle and bustle of trendy Randolph Street in Chicago’s West Loop, Scratch Goods is a retreat unto itself. Everyone there is super knowledgable about all their awesome skin products (including exactly how to use that Gua Sha tool you purchased forever ago and have never used!). And their mask bar is the most fun way to spend an afternoon with friends! Who doesn’t want a gift certificate to help their skin glow?


mask kit

Cowshed Pedicure

When I want to treat myself, my old stand by is the Cowshed Spa at Soho House for their classic pedicure. In any city Cowshed is located they are held to the same fabulous standards. It is indulgent, it is organic and the space itself will just make you want to move in for the remainder of the night. Add on a pot of tea or a glass of wine and you are giving a fun gift of relaxation and rejuvenation!


Cowshed Chicago


Magic Lounge (for an amazing Magic Show!)

What about a date night or a girlfriends night out? Rather than buying something, how about buying something to do? If you live in the Chicagoland area, grab a gift card for an evening at the Chicago Magic Lounge. I love being wowed by magicians and trust me, this place is so much fun! There is also curated food and a full bar. Plus you enter through a laundromat with a secret entrance. When something starts that fun it’s only sure to get better!DSC_3503.jpg