Dragonfly Kisses

When I was eight years old my mother passed away.  Since then, at different times in my life dragonflies have become a clear connection between her and I.  When my sisters divided up my mom’s jewelry I received a dragonfly necklace.  Floral arrangements I would receive just happened to have a dragonfly pick mixed within the flowers.  And at random times dragonflies appear when I am taking walks or running or just spending time with friends outside.
That symbol is such an incredible source of comfort for me, that is accompanied by a bit of sadness.  But the overwhelming sense is that I am amazed and feel so lucky that I have been able to recognize that special symbol that I share with my mother.
Lately, I have been dealing with some serious personal issues.  All of which are out of my control.  For the second time in my life I don’t know where my path is heading.  This is all very scary and unsettling and overwhelmingly sad.  And in the midst of this whirlwind that has become my life I have tried to sort through it all, understand my emotions, organize my thoughts and come out on top as an elegant, calm, strong and deserving woman.  Let me tell you, it is not easy.  Anger is an unfortunate emotion.
So, the other night when this happened it made my heart smile and feel like my mom is, as always, watching down on me and at my side to help guide me through this time.
It was a beautiful night and I had the deck doors open in the condo.  Now, the condo I live in is on the 33rd floor of a highrise in the middle of downtown Chicago.  We don’t get much nature around us except the occasional bird coming from their flight over the lake or en route.  I had a girlfriend over and we were chatting and all of a sudden a dragonfly flew in one of the doors and landed on the wall.  At first I was a completely shocked that this huge bug was in the condo! And then I realized it was a dragonfly and my heart felt both elated and sad at the same time.  I know there was a message from that dragonfly, I still have yet to figure out the clear path of the message but what I do know is it is another instance of my mom telling me she’s here by my side to help comfort me.
My point in telling this story is that through traumatic and life changing events I understand all too much that it is really hard to feel any sense of calm and comfort.  But I believe it is extraordinarily important to recognize symbols in your world and then be able to recognize how they enter into your days when you just need a little something to help hold you up.  So search your soul and find your symbol and I know you’ll see it surrounding you when you need it most.