Detox 2013, Part One.

As some of you know from my recent facebook postings, since returning from my gluttonous European holiday I have put our household on detox mode. I’m not talking lemon juice/honey/cayenne pepper style. I’m talking real food, high antioxidant, low dairy, no refined or processed foods style.  I love a good juice cleanse as much as the next gal, but I feel like we need something that can last us longer than the 5 days of purification. We need something that will make us feel great, not deprived, but still feel cleansing.

How is that possible?! You might be asking. Well, let me tell you beauties, it is all in what you want to gain from your cleanse. I have friends who cleanse multiple times per year but when they aren’t cleansing they are smoking, drinking excessively and not eating a balanced diet. Or I have friends who cleanse and are evil witches, not to be seen by daylight so long as there are bottles of unpasteurized juice blends in their refrigerator. Do I want to partake in either of those rituals? Um, no.
The purpose of my month long cleanse is to control-alt-delete my body. To shrink my stomach back to the proper size, to load up on fresh fruits and vegetables and supplement with lean proteins such as steamed fish and nutritious carbohydrates such as millet, quinoa and freshly cooked beans. To replenish my body with water, antioxidant rich juices and save wine for the weekends or special occasions rather than it be an every night beverage. I am limiting my intake of dairy, sugar and sweets. Does that mean I never allow myself a pat of butter on my steamed broccoli? Nope! But it means that I usually use olive oil and maybe 1-2x per week add a bit of butter. Does that mean I never allow myself chocolate? NEVER! I really might turn into a she-devil. And what about coffee?! Gasp! As much as I love coffee, I find that I also really enjoy black tea with raw honey and fresh almond or cashew milk as an easy sub. Now doesn’t that sound delicious?
If you are also interested in rejuvenating your body and adding in highly nutritious foods in a reasonable manner that can last longer than 5 days then take a peek below at an example of what I’ve been eating. I will continue to post some fun new recipes for you to try. And also tell me what you are eating to replenish your body this January.
Hot Porridge composed of:
½ c. cooked Bob’s Red Mill Mighty Tasty gluten free hot cereal
½ grated pear
2 T. maple syrup
2 dried figs, chopped
¼ c. mixed toasted nuts/seeds (I like sesame, sunflower, pumpkin and almond)
Mid-Morning Snack
6 oz. fresh pressed beet, carrot, apple, celery and ginger juice
Salad composed of:
2 c. mixed greens
½ avocado
½ red pepper, sliced
handful snap peas
1 grapefruit, cut into segments
¼ c. raw sprouted pumpkin seeds
½ c. black beans
White Wine Braised Cabbage
Fennel-Lemon Roasted Whole Trout
Not too shabby, eh? Think you could do it? My purpose is to eat without feeling deprived and let me tell you, this menu was filling, satisfying and delicious. And if I can do it-a chocolate loving, wine drinking, food lovah-then you can too!
Here’s to a super nutritious month! ~kendra