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Weekly Meal Service

Custom meals are prepared for our clients, in their home, by a chef matched to them. We build each menu specific to their needs whether it be an allergy, weight loss or medical. The meals are prepared during a 4-5 hour period with a minimum of 3 complete meals per visit to their home. Everything is then wrapped up for ease of reheating with complete instructions labeled on top.


Many clients ask us to travel with them and we love to! Other cities provide new foods, wonderful farmers and incredible experiences. We are happy to help with whatever your needs might be. From a ladies weekend with afternoon cooking lessons and buffet dinner to a weeklong of a custom detox menu we can help you with any needs you might have with food and are happy to craft it.

Cooking Classes

Whatever your food interest we are happy to help you explore it! From how to properly hold and use a knife to cooking dried beans to vegan-gluten free baking, we love sharing our knowledge. Lessons are approximately 3 hours, covering between 3-4 recipes and we always come with a snack, it’s no fun learning to cook while hungry! Lessons are completely custom, tailored to your specific requests. Recipes are provided and we always encourage note-taking and questions.

Working with Your Doctors, Nutritionists and Trainers

Many of our clients come to us by way of their doctor, nutritionist or their trainer. And we are more than happy to make sure you are meeting goals you have set with them to ensure you are living your healthiest and happiest life. Menu planning, consultation, elimination diets and special diets are all things we are very comfortable with and have much experience working on together with other health professionals.